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Town Actions

The Town’s illegal and discriminatory actions have resulted in a $100 million dollar lawsuit that will be paid through increased taxes on the residents of Chester.

The Town’s actions include:

Inventing restrictions that violate the Town’s agreement and approved plan for The Greens.

Violating the 2010 Settlement Agreement that resulted from a taxpayer-funded federal lawsuit by attempting to use a new Town law to shrink the size of many of the houses at The Greens to the point of being unfeasible. Restricting this development to small apartments would go directly against efforts to maintain the Chester community’s character.

Bullying the developers through government offices in hopes of forcing the developers into developing The Greens for commercial or industrial use, as opposed to single-family residential use.

Discriminating against Jews, telling the owners of The Greens on multiple occasions that the Town would prefer if they build a development that does not house Jews.

As a result of these violations of Federal law, The Greens at Chester has been forced to file a lawsuit against the Town of Chester.

Chester’s liability insurance carrier has already taken the extraordinary step of filing a lawsuit of its own against the Town in a separate discrimination case seeking a court ruling that it is not obligated to provide insurance coverage for these types of discrimination claims.

It’s not just the Greens at Chester. They are buying property all around it… The idea is to keep the Hasidic out.

Former Chester Town Supervisor Alex Jamieson,

May 9, 2018

First of all, we can pressure the developer. We have a lot of influence here. This gentlemen talked about building permits, the County Health Department. I don’t know when the water was tested. . . . There’s a lot of stuff to revisit. . . . When was the traffic study done?

Orange County Executive Steven M. Neuhaus,

April 25, 2018