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But you don’t have to live in Rockland County to watch discussions about zoning and development turn into anti-Semitic crusades. Consider the Town of Chester. Seven years ago the town and a developer who wanted to build about 430 homes settled their disagreements and awaited construction. That developer sold the property and when news came out that the new owners would be marketing those same homes to Hasidic families, the opposition was quick, persistent and clear.

Editorial Board, Times Herald-Record, 09/4/19

There is no excuse for anti-Semitism masquerading as concerns over zoning or development.

Governor Andrew Cuomo in The New York Times, 08/30/19

On Chester’s uncertain insurance coverage, “Valentine said in response that Selective is no longer Chester’s carrier and that its current insurer has made no decision yet about coverage for the Greens at Chester lawsuit."

The Times-Herald Record, 08/15/19

Town officials have repeatedly placed obstacles in the developers’ path since they bought the land in 2017: restrictions on the size of the houses they can build, delays on issuing building permits and a request to relocate the main road by 10 feet…The Orange County executive, Steven M. Neuhaus, a Chester resident and its former town supervisor, suggested delay tactics, including retesting the water and denying sewer permitting.

New York Times, 08/14/19

Here's one sample of a conversation cited in the lawsuit, from the May 9, 2018, town board meeting:  Alex Jamieson: ‘There’s nobody on this board, there’s nobody on the board, nobody that works in the town, there’s nobody that wants this development to go through. There’s nobody. There’s nobody who wants the development to go through.’”

The Chronicle, 07/24/19

The Greens of Chester developers have brought a lawsuit against town and county officials that would impose a very high cost on offensive comments they've made over the past several years.

The Chronicle, 07/24/19

Democrat Sue Bahren, who is running against Valentine for Chester supervisor this November, weighed in on the lawsuit. ‘I would like to, in the strongest possible way, condemn the alleged actions described in the lawsuit,’ she said in an email. ‘If proven, these allegations can have extremely damaging and long-lasting effects on the town and its taxpayers. I think that there should be an immediate investigation launched into the alleged activity of these individuals by the Attorney General of the State of New York. I believe that discrimination and intimidation in any form by the town, county or any government entity or individual should not be tolerated.

The Chronicle, 07/24/19

The 101-page complaint filed Friday in federal court in White Plains is studded with links to video clips and a slew of statements that residents and officials made at both public and private meetings, all reflecting what attorneys argue was fervent opposition to a Hasidic settlement and discriminatory efforts to derail an approved development.

Times-Herald Record, 07/22/19

"It’s not just the Greens at Chester. They are buying property all around it... The idea is to keep the Hasidic out”

Former Town Supervisor Alex Jamieson as quoted by The Forward, 09/16/18